“Annelène is at the leading edge of the future of personal and management consulting. She has the power to absolutely transform lives.”

Since 2005, as a Silicon Valley based executive coach and mentor, I have worked with hundreds of clients and developed a very effective style of coaching/mentoring. Issues that seem unsurmountable are often overcome within one or just a few sessions and my clients experience significant leaps forward within a very reasonable time and money investment. 

“Annelène has an uncanny ability to drill down to the root of an issue.

I currently offer my services worldwide mostly via phone or skype sessions. I am also available locally in the San Francisco Bay Area for in-person sessions, on-site sessions, group coaching, off-site retreat facilitation and other engagements. 

“Annelène goes beyond a coach, mentor, guide, or consultant. She has the gifts, skills, and execution to take individuals and organizations to the leading edge of what is possible.”

My style is emergent i.e. every session is real, unique and creative, with no cookie cutter or pre-determined method or technique. As a result, I'm able to help my clients bring about significant positive change in a short amount of time, regardless of the where they're at, where they're going and what they are facing, including:

  • Life/career transitions, endings and beginnings
  • Starting a company, needing a sounding board or sanity check
  • Developing leadership, communication skills, presence, charisma
  • Time management, self-management, work/life balance
  • Getting along with others, conflicts, difficult relationships
  • Tough times, dealing with loss
  • Seeking clarity, direction or momentum
  • Mid- or third-life crisis, what's next, building a legacy. 

“Annelène is a wonderful, loving and caring life coach. She helped me reconnect with my inner self and provided clarity and direction at a time when I was lost and confused.” 

Prior to becoming a coach, I held several engineering and business positions within the tech and clean tech industries of Silicon Valley. I hold a Master of Science in Technology and Policy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and am certified as an Integral Executive Coach through New Ventures West. I was born and raised in France, and I have traveled extensively around the world.

“Annelène can help you move through any blocks or paradigm limits you may have in your business or personal life.”

Please contact me to book a session or inquire further about my services.