Phone/skype sessions 

“Annelène has a special talent in unleashing one’s potential.”

I currently offer my services worldwide primarily via phone or skype, on a session-by-session or package basis, at a reasonable price. Often, whatever is bringing you here will be conquered/outgrown within just a few sessions. Please contact me to book a session.

Other services 

"If you are searching for new directions, Annelène can help you find what you want.”

I am also available for other services such as in-person/on-site sessions (in the San Francisco Bay Area), conflict resolution and mediation, start-up founders' 'marriage counseling' or team-building sessions, facilitating corporate off-sites, and other corporate coaching engagements.

Please contact me to discuss. 

“Annelène is able to come up with imaginative solutions to problems that may first appear insurmountable.”