Whether you're in need of transformative change in life and work or would just like some potent advice, you couldn't ask for a better guide than Annelène. She combines a profound intuition for people and relationships with just the right blend of sensitivity, compassion, and honesty. Unlike other life/career coaches I've talked to, she didn't come at me with a bundle of pre-baked assumptions, frameworks, or tactics. Instead, she simply listened intently, dived right to the core of my most important needs, and got to work empowering me to design my life around them. In my work with Annelène, I went from not knowing how to go after the things I knew I wanted to pursuing a dream I've always had, and pursuing it with everything I've got. You can't really ask for much more than that. Dan K.

Annelène has been an integral part in the development of my finance business as well as helping me to become more focused in my personal life. The result has been more confidence, clarity, zest for life and more revenue through my practice. I would highly recommend to any individual looking to grow personally and in their business to work with Annelène as you will truly see results. Cole K.

Annelène helped me realize and get to where I want to be. She's awesome and highly recommended for anyone wanting to achieve change. Paul B.

I had the privilege of working with Annelène amidst a huge transition in my life. By the end of my time working with her, I was amazed by how much had transformed. Throughout the process, Annelène’s gentle yet provocative approach sparked countless breakthroughs, but in a way that felt completely organic and natural. Dara E.

Annelène brings a unique, creative and valuable perspective to her clients through her highly refined intuitive approach. I’ve personally gained substantial insight and direction on several important matters through my work with her. Jonathan S.

Annelène helped me gain the clarity to realize my dreams, and inspired me to pursue them in a constructive, realistic way. A year and a half later, and I am living the life I had once imagined. Annelène is an amazing coach, and I recommend her to anyone seeking clarity in their paths. Kerin J.

I hired Annelène to help me get my life/career back on track and she was wonderful to work with. She helped me through all kinds of difficult issues and always maintained a positive perspective. Belinda C.

Annelène managed to help me understand the obviously correct things that all others failed to explain, and by doing so helped me relieve the main things holding me back from fulfilling my full potential of action and happiness. Avital O.

Annelène’s coaching helped me navigate several major life decisions especially relating to my career. Her counsel was was both empathetic and constructive; her advice enlightening and actionable. Caitlin W.

I highly recommend Annelène to anyone looking for a life/executive coach. Annelène is talented, genuine, and warm. She quickly helps you discover your true passion and motivators. Her creative, intelligent, and straightforward advice is the ideal guidance to find your path and achieve your goals. Monica S. 

Annelène coached me through a key phase of my full transition into entrepreneurship. She helped me generate and clarify my vision, enabling me to identify the best choices among many confusing options, and focus my energy efficiently. She gave me the guidance, the tools and the strength to implement my goals and long-term vision. Annelène is energizing, bright and genuinely caring: she is an awesome coach for anyone going through complex transitions. Fabien D. 

I hired Annelène as a career coach during a transition period in my life. I was looking for professional guidance as I was at a crossroads and I knew it was time for me to make a step forward. Annelène helped me make that step. Annelène has a toolbox full of creative approaches which she continuously keeps replenishing with new ideas. She is a very intuitive individual, and as a result of our work together I have acquired beautiful tools to become more in tune with myself. Daria M. 

Annelène is a wonderful resource and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a holistic approach to address career transition issues. Her expertise and creativity help clients identify, refine, and effectively wield their strengths and career passion. A wonderful process of growth and discovery. Thomas R. 

Annelène is a treasure. She is insightful, authentic, generous, open, smart, funny and charming. She understands important things, like how life works. She makes complicated things simple. After talking with her everything makes more sense, and what needs to be done is clear. Steven E. 

Annelène is able to come up with imaginative solutions to problems that may first appear insurmountable. She has an uncanny ability to drill down to the root of an issue. Her work is extremely well structured, always of a very high standard. Objectives that first looked very optimistic were reached and exceeded. Gustave R. 

Among all the people we can meet or know, some of them have this extraordinary willpower to change you to the best of yourself. Annelène is definitely one of them and I am deeply grateful to have her in my life. Gift yourself by letting her enhance your life. Driss M. 

Annelène is expert at peeling away layers and guiding the conversation, and your attention, toward the truth and what really matters. Ben G. 

Annelène possesses a keen intellect and an engineer’s understanding of organization and management. Her strongest suit, however, is her awe-inspiring intuition, her ability to grasp and make plain for even the most earthbound skeptic what is not obvious. I recommend talking with Annelène whether one is in the market for a coach or not. Jim W. 

I have always found that a conversation with Annelène provides me with new perspectives, a greater understanding of myself in reference to situations, and better insight into how to navigate my inner objectives against the emotions of the moment. Kevin H. 

Annelène is the first person out of any therapist or coach that has really been able to help me. It’s such a different experience to be treated by someone who is grounded, rather than someone who follows a dogmatic method of treatment. Annelène’s engineering background also helps create an excellent experience. I am always impressed by how observant and in tune she is with her surroundings and me, her client. The best part of all is that Annelène truly seems to enjoy her work and she invests fully in the process. Elisa F. 

Annelène is a wonderful, loving and caring life coach. She helped me reconnect with my inner self and provided clarity and direction at a time when I was lost and confused. I highly recommend Annelène as a life coach because she genuinely cares about people and has the fearless ability to solve critical problems. Ritee R. 

I have found my experience with Annelène to be an extremely rewarding one. She has been an invaluable support and inspiration through the transition phase in my life. Annelène combines intuitive flair with practical tools that have helped me realize a balance in my professional and personal life goals. Shuen C. 

Annelène did an outstanding job in coaching me on areas of my personal life as well as my business life that need improvement. In the past I have worked with several coaches, but I can honestly say that Annelène topped them all. She is a wonderful listener, very enthusiastic and full of practical ideas to help me reach my goals. I highly recommend Annelène to everyone who wants to experience excellent coaching! Katharina J. 

I highly recommend Annelène for anyone who is not happy with their current career, whether you have a large or small business or work for someone else. She will challenge you to move beyond whatever it is that is keeping you from progressing, and create openings for new possibilities you never imagined. I will use Annelène's coaching anytime I'm ready to step up my game! Michael W. 

I’m privileged to have Annelène as part of my life. She has helped open up my tunnel vision of a career path into something more flexible and lasting. Annelène is gifted with a great intuition for seeing people as they really are and is strong enough to encourage you to change patterns that aren’t working for you. It has been wonderful to have someone with her talent constantly thinking about you and helping you for months on end. Mallika P. 

Annelène has a tremendous gift to expand one’s professional and personal horizons. She is able to quickly narrow down areas of focus and create an action plan. I would highly recommend Annelène and look forward to working with her again. Alexander F. 

I would highly recommend Annelène for her life/executive coaching skills and insights. She can help you move through any blocks or paradigm limits you may have in your business or personal life to attract the things you really want. She listens and understands where you are seeking to grow and she speaks in your language to assist you in getting there. Jeff P. 

Annelène is bright and passionate about life, all about immediate changes that lead to immediate results. I am always impressed by her insights and her depth. Francois L. 

Annelène is very perceptive with deep grasp of human psychology and business dynamics. Armed with myriad of tools and insight, she adapts quickly to her clients needs to deliver results fast and keeps it fun. I recommend her for anyone seeking clarity during professional transitions. Nehal G. 

Annelène is capable of adapting to her clients rather than having a rigid process or cookie cutter approach to her work. She is to-the-point, efficient and insightful. Working with Annelène was far more productive than I expected. She is results-oriented and is constantly ensuring that progress is being made. She is easy to relate to as a business person since her style and results orientation is similar to what I’m used to with senior people in business. Kevin S. 

Through Annelène’s coaching I gained immense insights into my communications abilities and learned invaluable tools to enhance this important aspect of my professional skills. With her guidance, my efforts were rewarded with immediate and very tangible positive results. Walter L. 

Annelène is a wonderful personal and business coach. Her clear insights, big kind heart and wise words in time where I needed guidance in my personal and professional life have been invaluable. I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking some guidance and coaching. Natalie Z. 

Annelène provided a great service at a good value with outstanding results. She is highly analytical and creative and uses behavioral, action-oriented processes to enhance your abilities, develop your vision and ultimately achieve your goals. She enables her clients to see and understand patterns (good or bad) and provides clear pathways to either enhance or eliminate those patterns or conditions to help clients reach their stated goals. The results are powerful and liberating and they have enabled me to experience life and work with greater joy, meaning, and fulfillment. I highly recommend using her for personal growth, executive coaching, team-building and understanding personality dynamics. John A. 

Annelène coached me when I was going through a career transition and did a really great job unraveling my true career intentions, clarifying goals and sharpening my focus to those areas that I could influence. Annelène’s experience and contagious passion for life enabled her to coach from a place of genuine understanding and a desire to see me succeed. Annelène coaches you down paths you would not like to travel alone, but with her relentless guidance, support, dedication and professionalism, the path becomes possible and the ideas and vision can be realized. Geoff S. 

Annelène’s wonderful coaching approach helped me see what I am capable of achieving. Her technique is very personable, her approach simple and doable and the results are amazing! She has helped me transform and reinvent myself as a leader for the emerging clean tech industry. I will forever be in her debt. Sumer J. 

Annelène helped me think through a change of career direction, and I learned an immense amount from her. She asked me difficult questions that forced me to take a hard look at what I wanted and how I could achieve those goals. She also identified exercises and readings that really pushed my thinking to evolve. If you are searching for new directions, Annelène can help you find what you want! Jonathan K. 

Annelène has always been a leader by example throughout her international professional career. When you combine this unique ability to open up the way to people’s aspirations with an overflowing, multi-faceted human culture, you get an extraordinary executive coach. Arsène L.